Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Everybody!

I am currently in Krakow, Poland.  The entire group came for a weekend trip, part of which will include a visit to Auschwitz.  Last night we were able to go out and explore the town: who knew Krakow should be a city on everybody's list to visit?  Krakow has a charming, bustling middle square with restaurants around.  The outdoor seating and consistent crowds of people make for an experience like none in America.  Also, Krakow has amazing side streets with neat bar/restaurant after neat bar/restaurant.  A few of us were lucky enough to stumble in to a great beer bar (wait until I fill you all in about my new love for Belgian beer) where the bartender pored over a map for half an hour recommending places to eat.  What an amazing find.  We tried his number one place for dinner and I got some kind of a sausage and potato soup with an order of pirogi with meat and cabbage.  I essentially shoveled it all into my mouth.  Mighty fine.

I have high hopes for Krakow, and I have TONS of filling in to do on my last week or so.  Don't expect too many pictures unfortunately because that is the most time consuming part, but I will definitely post whenever I get the chance.  

Hope all is well stateside.


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