Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have arrived!

Soaring over the Alps this morning while you all were still sleeping I must say that I felt slightly superior…at least as far as today goes. I had a long flight, decent sleep, and some REALLY poor Austrian airplane food. I must admit: due to weight concerns, I had to check two bags after all. BUT, I fit the second into the first to transport into the city. A picture will come to accompany as proof. I am waiting to go into the city, and I have many nerves that still have yet to settle. It’s almost 3 PM on Tuesday afternoon when I’m writing this. I’m not sure when I will have internet access to post it. I am in desperate need of a shower and a long night’s sleep. Will try to post again soon.


P.S. The taxi driver that took us to the American Institute ripped us a new one with "dumb-American" insults! Feisty!


  1. Corbin ~ have a beautiful time in a beautiful country! What a treat you are in for ~ go visit some schlosses and have some Wiener Schnitzel and pilsner for me! Can't wait to see some photos. Enjoy! Love, Polly

  2. You stupid American, with your obsession with internet access and disturbingly obsessive need to fit everything into one bag. You disgust me.

    If you'll excuse me, I must go back to my yodeling practice before I put on a peter pan hat and lederhosen and go blow a giant horn on top of a mountain.


    Corbin's Cab Driver

  3. It's warming to know that surly taxi drivers are worldwide.