Monday, May 25, 2009

Off I go...

I am sitting here in the living room in anxious anticipation, waiting for my sneakers to finish in the dryer so I can commence the final filling of the suitcase. There's nothing left to do anymore to get ready. No more getting in shape. No more reading up on Viennese history. This is it. I finally leave. Many people know how much I hope to receive from this trip in terms of culture, inspiration, and direction as I leave academia. I have the whole red eye to ponder these things, but I'll save all those thoughts for myself. Instead, I will go ahead and brazenly claim victory that I WILL fit all of my stuff into this suitcase, despite my parents' incessant warnings that it won't work. I will make sure to take a picture of myself with the suitcase in Vienna just to cement the victory. (Now let's hope that I can actually fit everything in) I hope you all enjoy my writings throughout this trip. I will do my best to make them entertaining for you, but no promises!

Auf Wiedersehen!
(I had to look up how to spell that)


1 comment:

  1. Guten tag! Wie geht's du? Ich gehe zu probiere meine Deutsch. Es tut mier liet (if) du kann keine Deutsch. Ich verstehen klien Deutsch. Dieser nimmt un halb ein uhr. Ich weis du wandern in vienna, nicht Deutchland.
    Tschuss und schonen (a good time in vienna?)
    Ich schenk (up)!